Coffee County
Not Feature Story
Submitted by Mileah Lowe

Allexionna Pyatt was born on October 25, 2000, in Enterprise, Alabama where she currently lives now with her aunt Mileah Lowe and two cousins that she knows as her brothers Kavontae Lowe (13) and Jemuarian Lowe (12). She is a very smart and bright little lady. She enjoys shopping, playing with make up, playing with Bratz dolls and spending time with her family. Allexionna is a very special child and has been through a lot in the past couple of years.

In September 2005, Allexionna started having really bad pains in her right leg that later start making its way to her left leg. I took her to her local pediatrician and she was diagnosed with growing pains. Later that night she had gotten a fever that was 104.2, so I then took her to the E.R. where she was put in the hospital. We stayed at the hospital for four days and the doctors could not figure out why she was having a lot of pain that was now taking over her body. She had countless number of tests done and still no answer. The doctors decided that Children’s Hospital was where she needed to be and she was transported there later that night. As soon as we got to Childrens Hospital, the doctors started working on her immediately. Several tests were done. In October 2005, she was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer called Acute Lymhhoblastic Leukemia. This cancer is in a type of white blood cell called Lymphocytes. She has to do two and a half years of chemotherapy before she will be cured of the cancer. She has lost all her hair due to the chemo treatments that she has to take. Allexionna is a strong girl. There have been times that she has had to say or do things to brigthen me up to make me be strong for her.

She is one blessed child and I am so proud of her. We have been to Children’s Hospital countless number of times and we still have more than we can count, trips to take. But, we enjoy every trip and we love all the nurses that take care of her. Children’s is a wonderful place and we love the caring and the attention that every employee gives to our family. Children’s means the world to me, my little girl and my family. We are all blessed to have people like the ones at Children’s to take care of our little ones. Every doctor, nurse, social worker, specialist, receptionist, and more, have a special place in my family’s heart. Thanks for all you do.