Tuscaloosa County
Feature Story
Susan Benson Crow was just three years old when her parents received devastating news Susan had liver cancer.

“I was diagnosed in 1981 and my mother always says we spent our first year there, 365 days we did not come home for the first year,” she said. “I had a liver resection and i also had chemotherapy."

“I know for a fact that i was one of the first children at children’s hospital to survive this type of cancer. So if it had not been for them and their hard work and their perseverance, I would not be here.”

“I’m a teacher, and I love children,” Susan said. “And I think the care that I received at Children’s Hospital instilled that love for children I have. And just helping people. I saw the doctors and nurses around me and how they helped me and I want to give back and do the same thing for other people too."

“I think a child of children’s is very special. I just feel great that I was able to be a part of that family and receive that special treatment, and now I’m very lucky."

“To the people that helped me, i would like to say a big thank you, I love you, and you know you’ll always be in my heart.”