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Jackson Griggs travels around the world to visit Children’s Hospital of Alabama

In February of 2008 Tracy and Robert Griggs were living in Romania on a military assignment. Jackson Griggs, their 3 yr old son became ill, he woke up one morning not able to move and couldn’t walk. After visiting with military doctors they were sent to hospitals in Europe to help diagnose their son. Unfortunately they were unable to help Jackson. It was time to transfer Jackson back to the states to a hospital that was suitable for children. The Griggs chose Children’s’ Hospital of Alabama for their reputation and as they were originally from Alabama they wanted to be close to their family.

The Griggs arrived to Children’s Hospital in the middle of the night in March to the neurological wing and the doctors were waiting to begin tests on Jackson. Tracy Griggs remembers feeling they were on vacation because the rooms were so brightly colored and the nurses had special techniques to take the hurt out of shots and surgeries. “It was just so comforting to be somewhere that people actually really do cater to the needs of a child and take some of the fear put of a really scary situation.”

After ruling a neurological disorder out they began to focus on an autoimmune disorder. Jackson was diagnosed as having Juvenile Drumatomiacitis and was released from the hospital. Unfortunately there is no cure yet for this disorder. Jackson visit’s the hospital every month for IV treatments for 8 hours a day since his release. “He is a strong little boy so the outlook is really good for him”, says Tracy.

Jackson is doing great, he can now run, squat down, pick things off the ground, swim and walk up the stairs, which is something he has not been able to do in awhile. Jackson’s father would like to thank Children’s Hospital, “I just can not express to you, the gratitude that you feel, and we would just do anything to spread the word about what a gift Children’s Hospital is now.”