Montgomery County
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Dudley Luckie’s story is one of determination, both on Dudley’s part and his parents, Terri Shaw and Warner Luckie. When Dudley’s mother, Terri Shaw, was 20 weeks pregnant with Dudley, she had an appointment with her doctor to determine the sex of her unborn child. That’s when Dudley’s parents got the news that Dudley would be born with a different set of abilities than other newborns. Dudley was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. It is through Dudley’s association with Children’s Hospital and sheer determination that he, after 16 major surgeries and numerous hospital stays, is very active for someone with his set of abilities. Dudley is known to be a sports aficionado with a wide knowledge of Auburn Football, Montgomery Biscuits and Major League Baseball. In fact, Dudley wants to be a sportscaster when he grows up. Dudley participates in numerous sports related activities to include the Montgomery Miracle League, Mane, Outdoor Without Limits, Huntingdon Wheelin’ Hawks, and Iron Men. Dudley attends Halcyon Elementary and will be in the 5th grade in the fall (2008). He loves to play his video games with his dad. Dudley is blessed with a large group of support from his immediate family. His Mother Terri Shaw, his father and step-mother Warner and Christie Luckie, brother Jake Williamson, sister Wendy Williamson, and his step-sisters Mallory Farmer and Hannah Swain. View Video