Montgomery County
Feature Story
By Shelby Cohan

In 2006, my then four year old son, Adams, had some episodes of leg shakes and vomiting that made us visit the doctor. He was cautious and sent us for a EEG, which was normal and then for a CAT scan that was not. We were sent to Children's where we met Dr. Wellons and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor resting over his brain stem. Adams had surgery on Good Friday and five days later we got the results that the tumor was benign. Every January we return for an MRI and have been blessed for the past two years with a perfect scan and no re-growth. My child is a Child of Children’s and we are blessed for it.

No one promised me a miracle. No nurse or doctor promised me false hope, but they did give us support and the information we needed. I was only promised that they would take care of my child and do the best they possibly could. After surgery we were told that Adams would more than likely suffer from a weak right side and may never play sports. We had our child and could have cared less. However, we now have the same child we had before surgery and that is our miracle. The whole family has been changed by our experience at Children’s and for it we are better. As a mother, I have my child here with me and that is more than plenty.