Ben Brewbaker
Montgomery County
Not Feature Story
When my mom found out she was going to have a fourth boy from an ultra-sound she was a little less than enthusiastic at first. A conference with her doctor quickly changed her mind and heart, when she was told that the little baby she was carrying would probably be born with spina bifida.

They named me Benjamin Lee Brewbaker and I was born July 24, 1998 at UAB Hospital. Quickly, after I was born I was taken to Children's in order to have surgery on my back closing the large hole exposing my spine. Three days later, another surgery was performed to put a shunt in the back of my head to remove the build up of fluid on the brain. Altogether, I have had 13 different surgeries at Children's Hospital. Even though staying in a hospital is not really that much fun, I am thankful for the care I have received at Children's and for the doctors and nurses who have saved my life. I still go to Children's for spina bifida clinic and enjoy seeing all the very nice people at Children's.

I am very thankful for Children's Hospital and for the medical team there that has been so diligent to care for me over the past 10 years. God has taken good care of me through these wonderful people and I am having a very full life.