Lauderdale County
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At six weeks of age, Greyson Holmes became very sick. He was mysteriously spiking fevers and becoming increasingly sicker as the days went by. After several visits to the local pediatrician and a week long stay in a local hospital, Greyson was rushed to Children’s Hospital.

Greyson had serious breathing problems on the ambulance ride to Children’s Hospital. His Mother, Stacey, said she felt immediate relief when they arrived at Children’s and a team of medical professionals met them at the door and immediately began to assess Greyson’s condition. Within 24 hours Greyson had been diagnosed with Histoplasmosis, an extremely rare fungus that attacks the lungs. Alabama only sees approximately three cases of Histoplasmosis a year, with a very small percentage of those cases being children.

After several weeks of treatment, Greyson was released from Children’s Hospital. At a follow up visit one year after the diagnosis, Greyson was given a clean bill of health. He is now a happy, healthy eleven year old that loves soccer and basketball and wants to be a scientist or a doctor when he grows up. Thanks to the doctors at Children’s Hospital, Greyson’s will have that chance to realize those dreams and his Mom will have the chance to realize her dreams of seeing her son grow up, play ball, and eventually get married!