Lauderdale County
Feature Story
What started out as simple problems with his right leg and knee, Samuel Brewer was later diagnosed at Children’s Hospital with a slipped epiphysis; a hip disorder that is common in adolescents.

“I knew something was wrong when my nephew (also my best friend) could outrun me and outwrestle me. I kept telling my mother I needed to go to the doctor, so finally she took me. He then sent me the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Once there, he was diagnosed and told that he would have to have a series of surgeries.

“If Children’s Hospital had not been there for me and my family, I probably would have ended up in a wheelchair.”

Samuel was able to go to college and receive a bachelor’s degree. He has held positions as a coach, a teacher and a principal. “Thanks to Children’s I was able to become successful in the career that I chose…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”