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On March 17, 2005 my daughter Katie was admitted to Flowers Hospital in Dothan, Alabama. For two weeks prior to this Katie had been treated for what was believed to be a bladder infection. Katie had been having severe back pain and on this day she had become dehydrated and could not walk. An MRI and a CT scan was ran and it was determined that she had a pocket around her L3 vertebrae. This was believed to be a tumor, possibly cancer. Dr. Benak immediately transferred Katie to Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Katie was admitted on the oncology floor and Dr. Hillard was her primary physician. Many tests were run and after about eight days it was determined that it was not cancer, but some type of infection at this point she was put in the care of Dr. Pass. Dr. Pass diagnosed Katie with Salmonella in her L3 vertebrae. Katie had a fraction in this vertebra and the Salmonella had attacked this weakened area. There have only been eight other people in the world diagnosised with Salmonella Vertebral Osteo Malitisis. We now return to Children's once a year for a checkup. There are not words to express how my family feels about Children's Hospital. We were so grateful to have so many wonderful people available to us. Each person was very supportive and kind. It is very traumatic when you hear the word cancer and realize there is a possibility that you could lose your child. After every test that was run the doctor would give us the results as soon as they knew anything. They stayed late and came in early to our room with any news they had. I would highly recommend Children's to every one. Children's was a life saver to my child and a wonderful support system to my family.