Lamar County
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On Christmas day, 1995 my daughter Kelsey, at the age of 16 months, had the first of many seizures, with no warning whatsoever. Over the next several years, we went through a number of tests and in the end were the first client to undergo surgery for Epilepsy at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. It took a couple of procedures to finally remove excessive tissue, but thanks to what we think are the greatest physicians and nurses in the world, Kelsey has been seizure free for almost a year now. Kelsey had gotten to where she was having seizures on a weekly basis, so indeed, we feel that she is indeed a walking miracle!! We can never thank Children's Hospital enough for the professional services they have provided. We have made many friends and are always willing to do all that we can for the Children's Hospital!!

This state should count its blessings every day to have such a great facility and wonderfully caring people. We have been in and out of this facility many times in the past 12 years and there has never been one bad experience. Thank you Children's Hospital and the entire staff for providing such quality care and making parents and kids alike feel so cared for, even during the worst of times.