Evan and Elliot Thomas
Houston County
Not Feature Story
When Mary Ann Thomas went into labor two months early, she was life-flighted to Birmingham. Her doctors discovered that her twins had problems that extended far beyond their pre-maturity. After delivery, they were transported immediately to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital.

Elliot and Evan Thomas had suffered from an intrauterine, twin to twin transfusion. Evan had all red blood cells and his brother Elliot had all white blood cells. The boys were given transfusions to equalize the blood within their bodies. Evan says, “We are now really considered ‘Blood Brothers.’”

Mary Anne says, “Praise God for the miracles that took place with the diligent care of the nurses and doctors at Children’s neonatal intensive care unit.” Both of her sons made a complete recovery and neither have major health problems today. Evan also credits Children’s Hospital: “I firmly believe that if it weren’t for Children’s Hospital, my twin brother and I wouldn’t be here today.”

Evan and his brother live each day to the fullest. While at Auburn University, Evan was the Auburn mascot, Aubie, where he relished the opportunity to make kids and adults smile. Evan currently lives in New York and is an intern for The Today Show. He’s proud to be a child of children’s.