Paul Peterson
Houston County
Feature Story
Like many kids, Paul Peterson came down with the chicken pox when he was seven years old. But instead of recovering after a few weeks as most do, Paul’s body reacted to the antibodies produced in fighting the chicken pox. For the next three years, the young boy endured numerous episodes brought about by the autoimmune disease that had been triggered in his body. Each time, he was treated at Children’s Hospital.

“More than anything, I remember the room. It was very clean, very nice and had a big plate glass window overlooking the city,” he recalls. “I also remember my parents not being in that room, but I still felt very comfortable. The atmosphere Children’s Hospital gives children is one of safety and comfort that I don’t remember feeling anywhere else.”

With his illness a distant memory, Paul is grateful for the care he received as a youngster. And even as a grown-up father of two, he still finds comfort in Children’s, knowing that the same high quality healthcare—and a safe, secure environment—is there if his own kids need it.