Zachary Grice
Houston County
Not Feature Story
When Zachary Grice was born with Down Syndrome, his parents were determined not let his condition limit his life. When he was diagnosed with cancer, his parents turned to the Children’s Hospital staff for support and comfort. Nine years later, Zach is competing in Special Olympics. “I am a senior now, and I am eighteen years old. And I really enjoy that and my friends and family,” he says. Zach loves swimming and earned two gold medals and one silver medal in the Special Olympics. When Zach graduates, his family plans to open a store that Zach and his father Keith will run. “It’s the same goal everybody has for their children – train them and get them to the point where they can have a productive and happy life.” Today Zach’s health is good and his visits to Children’s Hospital are happy ones. Keith considers the relationships his family has developed with the doctors and nurses to be a blessing. “They are old friends now because they did so much for Zach and they’ve got him to where he is now.” Zach continues to be a blessing to his family and friends. View Video