Baldwin County
Feature Story
My name is Bill Elam, and I would like to tell you about my little superhero named Robbie. He was born September 2007 in Bay Minette, Ala. through a very traumatic birth. After being resuscitated twice he was transferred to USA Children's and Women's Hospital in Mobile, Ala. After spending eight weeks in the NICU, he was able to come home to his family.

About this time, his older brother was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy. After getting his brother's seizures under control, Robbie started having them as well. It took a while to reach a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and intractable epilepsy. Robbie never ate well when he was an infant and only weighed 18 pounds when he was 3 years old. In November 2010 a regular G-tube was inserted after his birth mother left the same year. We continued to stay in Mobile, but in the spring of 2012 we moved back to our hometown in Mississippi to be closer to family and friends.

Robbie started having a hard time keeping food and medications down. We worked for a short time back in Mississippi working with the doctors here and at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Tennessee.

This is where our relationship with Children’s of Alabama begins! We came to Children’s in July 2012 and were admitted because Robbie couldn't keep feedings in his stomach. We were very fortunate to have Dr. Nogueria and Dr. Hitch follow his care. It was decided to change his feeding tube from a G-Tube to a G-J Tube to help replace his feedings. This has worked well for Robbie, but created new problems since we live out of state.

Through all of this, my baby has always had a smile on his face and always happy. He teaches me each day no matter how bad the situation, just keep a smile on your face and be happy that we are alive each day! My appreciation and thanks to the GI doctors in Clinic 10, to the nurses along with the radiologists, and everyone who has helped make our time there a pleasant and wonderful experience! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We will never forget all the kindness with which we have been treated. Thanks from Bill Elam and family.