Samuel Teal
Henry County
Feature Story
Samuel’s mom, Jennifer, said when she was pregnant with Samuel the doctors in Dothan noticed a spot on her ultrasound and sent her to Birmingham for genetic testing. Miraculously the spot was gone by her next visit.

When Samuel was born; however, he couldn’t breathe on his own. They immediately flew him to Children’s Hospital. “They let me see him, but I couldn’t hold him. Once he got there they were able to diagnose him with a diaphragm hernia. He had lost a lot of oxygen and needed a blood transfusion. He was on an ECMO machine and things weren’t looking good. Once he was stable enough the doctors performed his surgery. Two days later I was able to take him home.”

“Samuel is 4-years-old now and will be five February 5. His walking has been delayed, but his doctor says he will walk. He’s smart, beautiful and he’s our little angel. If it were not for Children’s, Samuel wouldn’t be here. Having the ECMO machine and the ability to fly him to it saved his life.”