Tinsley  Andrews
DeKalb County
Feature Story
My daughter Tinsley Andrews was born on Dec.8,2004 in Ft.Payne, Alabama. She was born with a bi-lateral cleft palate. We were transferred to Huntsville Hospital for a week and a half because of the difficulties she was having with breathing and feeding. We were then transferred to Children’s for Drs. Boyle, Georgeson, and Grant to work their magic. On January 2, Dr. Boyle and Dr. Georgeson performed Fondoplication and placed a feeding tube into Tinley's stomach. This was the first step toward a healthy childhood for Tinsley. We then would meet Dr. Grant and his nurse Dana. They were great. We had several long days and long nights during the two and a half weeks we were there. We were on the 3rd floor for several days and then were moved to the 5th floor. That was where Tinley and I met our "Nurse Angel" by the name of Courtney King. I truly believe that they made Tinsley feel like she was at her own home in Rainsville, Alabama. On October 12, 2005 Tinsley would go in for the most difficult surgery she would have to undergo. The repair of her palate. That was a great success and we were then on the road for a long and finally HEALTHY life. Tinsley will be turning four in December, and I thank God for Children’s Hospital.

Children’s Hospital means LIFE to me and my family. We could never quantify what Children’s Hospital and its Staff means to us. We still visit the 5th floor when we have to go for check-ups and to this day, they still call us by name. We owe our lives to YOU!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!