Tuscaloosa County
Not Feature Story
One cold Saturday morning I woke up in my bed at home and immediately started screaming at the top of my lungs. As my family ran into my room, fearful of what could be going on, the last thing they expected was to find me in the state that I was in. I was 15 years old and completely immobile. A few weeks before, I had repeatedly felt exhausted and unlike myself, but waking up that morning and not even being able to lift my fingers was a type of pain I never thought I would have to deal with. After seeing any and every type of doctor throughout the state and enduring several stints in the hospital in Tuscaloosa, I was eventually transferred to Children's Hospital. It was there that I found my angels: the physicians and staff at Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

After several months in the hospital and a mystery illness that doctors told me at some points would be impossible to solve, understand or even overcome or live with, the doctors, nurses and staff so tirelessly worked to find a cure. I am now completely healthy and am thankful everyday for all that Children's Hospital did for me. At some points I was told that I would never walk again, never live a normal life or that I could die from the extreme illnesses that my body was trying to fight. Every day that I wake up I strive to remember to thank God for how fortunate I am, for the many people who helped me during this trying time for my family and me and for Children's Hospital. I pray that other children can overcome their illnesses and hopefully live a healthy life one day too. Children's Hospital is a place where little angels go to be healed by real-life angels.