Calhoun County
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On July 30, 2012 Gabryella & her twin Izabella were born prematurely at 32.4 weeks gestation. Bella needed oxygen and monitoring. Gabby seemed fine until we noticed she hadn't pooped. So at two days old, she left her sister to go to Children’s where they found a plug/blockage in her small intestine. At one week old, Gabby had an ileostomy done. Over the course of the next few months she would grow. At two months old, her sister left to go home. At 3 months old we were told Gabby could go home, but then her surgeon said she was having too much output from the ileostomy. So at 4 months old, she had a second surgery to do the take and reconnect. She is currently still at Children’s and has reached 6 pounds. We are praying to be home for Christmas!