Caitlin Marie Swindle
Walker County
Not Feature Story
My name is Caitlin Marie and I am 18 years old. When I was only 30 minutes to an hour old, I was taken to Children’s of Alabama. I was born with a cloacal anomaly, an imperforate anus and a heart murmur.

I had a colostomy bag from birth until I was 3 years old. I lost a good part of my right kidney because of a cyst. I have had my left ovary removed and numerous cysts removed from my female reproductive organs. My surgeons from the time I was born were Dr. Hardin and Dr. Joseph and their staffs. They did my first big surgeries. I have also had some other amazing surgeons along the way like Dr. Muenster and Dr. Anderson. I had amazing doctors including Dr. Khoury, my pediatrician Dr. Thiele and GI specialist Dr. Nogueira.

I have had an enormous amount of surgeries to fix things internally from the time I was born until now. A lot of things have happened along the way, but I graduated from high school on May 24, 2012 with honors. I was in beta club and voted Best All Around in my senior class. I was yearbook editor and clarinet and flute section leader in my high school band. I have been playing the clarinet for nine years.

Thanks to Children’s, I have come a long way and have gone through some very tough obstacles, but with the help of God, doctors, nurses and staff, I have overcome them. I am plan on becoming a pediatric surgeon myself to give back to the hospital that gave me so much. The doctors, nurses and staff have been my inspiration.