Ellie Grace Reece
Chilton County
Not Feature Story
After many years of trying to conceive, in June of 2009 we were blessed with the most beautiful brown haired, hazel-eyed miracle named Ellie Grace. We knew instantly that she would be special. Little did we know how special and strong our child would prove to be! On Easter Sunday 2010, we noticed a knot on Ellie Grace's back when she would bend and like any new parents, we were very concerned. She was 9 months old and the picture of a sweet and happy baby. We took her to the pediatrician the following Wednesday. Our doctor sent us over to Children's South for further testing and referred us to Dr. Scott Doyle to help provide an answer for what was going on with our child. Later that day, Ellie Grace was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis. This is a birth defect where her vertebrae did not fully develop, leaving her spine curved and getting progressively worse as she grew. This is the day that Ellie Grace's journey as a Child of Children's began.

At 13 months of age, Ellie Grace had her first spine surgery. She had a second spinal fusion six months later. She wore a body cast from her chest to her knees for a total of six months and a brace for six months as well. This was a very trying time to say the least. However, we had immediate confidence and trust in Dr. Doyle and his entire staff. We know it was not by accident that he was in clinic on the day we brought our sweet child to the doctor. We are so thankful for every person at Children's Hospital that had anything to do with helping our child. From the doctors, nurses, and "ortho guys" to the ones who were just there with a kind word or hug during a time when we felt completely helpless as parents we were showered with care and compassion during every admission and visit to the hospital.

Today, Ellie Grace has just turned three years old. Her only physical reminders are the scars on her back that she calls her “beauty boo boos”. She is just like any other toddler. She runs, plays, dances, and goes non- stop. Ellie Grace has such an amazingly vibrant personality and is truly kind heart toward others. We believe that this sweet spirit developed in part from the struggles and pain she endured at such a young age. We never imagined we would have a Child of Children’s, but now we are thankful to God for placing us at just the right place at just the right time.