Covington County
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As a former member of the nursing staff at the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UAB, I thought I new everything about having a new baby. However, when Ingram was 13 days old she felt warm and indeed she had temperature. We took her to the children's ED and we were told our newborn baby had meningitis. Crushed, I found faith I never had. After 48 hours we were told it was viral and we were discharged. At 6-8 weeks old she became sick again, and after hospitalization we were told our child had vesicoureteral reflux. After 6 months of endurance with a wonderful relationship with Dr.Richard Stone, Ingram underwent re-implantation of her ureters. When our child went to the operating room with my college roomate, whom happen to be a nurse at the TCH, I realized I could not control everything, and our God was indeed in control and would always be. Thanks to The Children's Hospital staff and Dr. Joseph, I found out what it truly meant to be a nurse. It is a great place with the patient at the center of its heart. Ingram now is a 4-year-old whom visits Children's annually. She is our little piece of dynamite that teaches us patience, faith, and a true belief in God's grace.