Calhoun County
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In 1992, my right jaw was swollen and red. I went to my pediatric doctor and he sent me to a dentist. They told me that there was not a problem with my teeth. On the following day, the doctor called and told me he was sending me to another doctor and they were going to do a fine needle biopsy. I went on a Thursday and on that following Monday, my doctor (Dr. Caballero) called my mom and told her I had an appointment at Children's Hospital. I went thru many x-rays and blood work. They told my Mom I had Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer. I went thru one year of chemotherapy and had surgery to take the jaw bone out. They used bone marrow from my left hip bone. When they went in to do the surgery they found no cancer. Thank you, Jesus! It has been almost twenty years and I am still cancer free. Thank you, Dr.Berkow, Merdith, and all the staff! I love you!