Blount County
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In April of 2009, one day before his third birthday, Dailan started swelling in his face and legs. Thinking it was allergies, we took him to his regular pediatrician. Two days later the swelling had gotten much worse and had moved to his belly.We took him to Childrens Hospital where he was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. After a kidney biopsy in June, we were told he had IGM Nephropathy, a disease where the antibodies attack the kidneys. Dailan is only the third child that Children's has ever treated with this disease.The nephrologist put him on several different meds and within a few weeks he was in remission. He has had several relapses since being diagnosed but the wonderful doctors at Children's always get him back up and going. I thank God for Children's Hosital and all the staff there for taking great care of Dailan and helping him live a more normal life!