Geneva County
Age Diagnosed
6 Months
Not Feature Story
Brody got sick Sept 1 2010 right before he was 6 months old.We knew something was wrong...he would vomit up anytime he ate or drank and increasingly became more legarthic.Every few minutes he was screaming in pain.We took him to our local hospital where he was admitted for a stomach bug.That was a Wednesday night.Thursday night He had a diaper full of blood but was told this was not cause for alarm.After another day of nothing being test and no meds and NO answers we transferred him to a bigger hospital 45 minutes away.That night he had another bloody diaper.Saturday morning the 4th the pediatrician came to see him and he started vomiting green.She immediatly told me to get ready to go to Childrens in birmingham that she was having him flew there.Life Flight took my baby at 11:30 that morning.We had to drive up and by the time we got there 4 hours later Childrens had him diagnoesed.He had intusuppection...inverted instetine and needed emergency surgery.We signed the papers and they took him in.At 8pm they brought him back to SCU for us to tell him goodnight.They kept him in SCU for a week then a regular room for 2 days before they let him leave. i was so impressed with the SCU staff and the surgery team.They were so nice to us and made sure we knew what was going on at all times.We later found out that the 3 days he spent in our local hospital with no treatment. Another night and the surgery team said we would have lost him.Thank you so much, Dr. Albert Chong and the SCU staff. We are thankful to all of you for saving our babys life!