Lauderdale County
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Grace Anne was born almost 2 months premature due to pregnancy induced pre-eclampsia. She was progressing fine in the NICU in Huntsville Alabama. When she went for her first pediatrician's appointment, after finally coming home at one month old, her pediatrician discovered she had a severe brain bleed. He then set her up with an appointment with Dr. Jerry Oakes. He scheduled surgery for the next morning. He implanted a subgaleal shunt to draw the blood clot off of her brain. At eleven months old, she had a second shunt put in. When Grace was 18 months old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She learned to walk, falling every ten steps or so by age 2. When Grace was 4 years old, Dr. Oakes recomended she be evaluated for a surgery called rhyzotomy. This procedure is preformed on the spinal cord clipping nerves that cause spastisty to the legs. She was approved for the surgery. She had her surgery in June of 2007. After months of therapy and lots of hard work, Grace Anne is a thriving 2nd grade student with hardly any visable disabilty. I am so proud of the work and dedication that Children's hospital has provided for our family. She is a patient with Dr. Oakes as well as Dr. Dure, her nuerologist who treats her for her seizures, Dr. Metz, her optomatrist that preformed her surgery to correct her "lazy" eye, Dr. Law, her orthapedic surgeon that preforms botox when needed, and several physical therapist that Grace Anne LOVES! We are truelly blessed to be a part of Children's and will be forever grateful for all of the staffs hard work.