Lily Murphy
Montgomery County
Not Feature Story
On June 11th 2010, our daughter was pulled up from the bottom of a swimming pool. She had no signs of life and CPR was immediately started on her and 911 was called. An ambulance transported her to our local hospital where she was placed on a ventilator. We were told her condition was critical and she would need to be transported by life flight to Children's Hospital. We were so scared, but knew without a doubt that she would be in great hands. We absolutely knew that if she even had a small chance, Children's was exactly where we wanted her.

The next few days were a rollercoaster while she stayed in the PICU. She had some issues with her temp and sodium levels. We were so scared and filled with uncertainty. The nurses and doctors were so amazing. All of her PICU nurses put us completely at ease. They took great care of her and gave us encouragement every step of the way. I specifically remember Mallory and Brittany in the PICU. They were amazing. There are many others as well and the names escape me right now.

Lily continued to improve and was eventually taken off of the venilator about 4 days later. She was moved into a private room where she stayed about another week. All of the staff on 5 NW were great. Her team of doctors were very supportive and gave us so much information about her progress and future. Lily's pysical therapist (Connie I think) was so great to include our son in the "games" so he would not feel left out. From the staff at Children's Harbor to the lady in the gift shop. Every single staff member at CH was simply amazing. I can never thank Children's Hospital enough for helping us through the most difficult situation we have ever faced.

12 days after we came in with our child on life support and did not know if she would survive, she walked out completely healthy.
We are now home with our little miracle and owe a great deal of gratitude to everyone at Children's Hospital. Thank you ALL.