Kathryn Grace Fleming
Jefferson County
Age Diagnosed
Not Feature Story
Kathryn was born on June 8, 2007, at UAB at 32 weeks. We were transferred to Children’s on August 9, 2007. Katy had exposed brain at the back of her head, a cleft pallet and many other anomalies. Her first surgery was preformed in August of 2007 to remove the brain matter. She was trached at two months of age, and when she was 22 months old, Dr. Hill preformed a surgery where he took part of her rib to repair her larynx and trachea. Katy has had many surgeries, MRIs and CTs. After a long stay at Children’s, she was able to come home in late November of 2007. She still has a feeding tube and is hearing impaired with aids, but she is doing great. Thanks to all of the doctors and nurses at Children’s who always made us feel like we were important and special, Katy is thriving. She is in K3, and she is even beginning to speak a few words. Of course, they are Momma, Dada and Elm (for Elmo)! Thank you Children’s!!!