Dallas County
Feature Story
Robert was born in Selma, Alabama with an underdeveloped left side of the body, called Polin Syndrome. In 1976 doctors did not know what to say to Robert’s parents. His family took him to Children’s Hospital. At 6 months old he endured his first surgery and then again at 12 months old. Robert learned to crawl and walk with a cast which was a challenge. Over the course of 10 years of Robert’s life he followed up with visits to Children’s. Robert remembers having a great experience at Children’s, “The physicians were great and as a kid growing up it was a very comforting environment to be in having to go back to the doctor and of course at the time Birmingham was a big city too. It was just an overall great experience”

Now 32 years old, Robert has a son named Cole. At just one year old Cole was sent to Children’s Hospital to have a double hernia surgery. Robert remembers walking through the hospital and knowing his son would be taken care of because of his own personal experience. Robert recalls thinking as an Alabamian we should be proud of we have in our state a great hospital for children that has effected his life twice. Today Cole is a happy healthy little boy and his dad Robert is thankful for what Children’s Hospital has done for not only his life but his son’s as well.