Colbert County
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Emma Klaire was born on February 11, 2008. At two days old our pediatrician brought to our attention that Emma's head circumference was smaller than it should be for a full term baby. Emma was sent for a CAT scan which initially came back OK. After a series of blood tests she was initially diagnosed with CMV, cytomegaly virus. Dr. Melvin then referred us to Children's Hospital to see a specialist in the Infectious Disease Department. Our first trip was to see Dr. Crane in Infectious Diseases. She reviewed Emma's tests and requested a second CAT scan. That was the moment that our lives changed forever. Our beautiful seven week old daughter was then diagnosed with Lissencephaly, a congenital brain defect in which the brain does not develop properly in early pregnancy. Emma Klaire's brain is smooth, rather than having the folds and ridges that "normal" brains have. On April 2, 2008 we met with Dr. Tony McGrath, neurologist at Children's, who confirmed the diagnosis. We've been told that Emma Klaire will have developmental delays and that she may never walk, talk, roll over, crawl, or sit up...we choose to take one day at a time and trust God for guidance. Emma Klaire suffers from seizures which are treated by Dr. McGrath with medication. She also sees Dr. Hein, ophthalmologist, in Birmingham, and an audiologist, for her hearing, at Children's. She also receives PT and OT through our local Cerebral Palsy center. We are so thankful for the care that Dr. McGrath gives Emma Klaire. He takes time to answer our questions and hear our concerns. While our future with Emma Klaire is uncertain, we are thankful to have a hospital in our state dedicated to providing the best quality care to children.