Houston County
Age Diagnosed
Age 4
Not Feature Story
Reconstructive Surgery
One night when I was 4 years old my grandfather bought me some peanuts because I love peanuts. Shortly after, my stomach started hurting. My mom took me to the ER several times that night and they kept sending me home because they said it was gas. The next night she took me back because I was in pain still and another doctor was on and said that they had to get me to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham as soon as possible because I had gallstones. When I got to Children's Hospital sure enough I did have gallstones and the later found out that my intestines were growing into my liver and they were going to have to do a reconstruction of my stomach. I remember having a tube in my nose, in my side, and a catheter. I also remember the nurses telling my that I couldn’t have anything to eat because of that tube in my nose so as a typical 4 year old I pulled it out, twice! When I finally could eat I could only have chicken broth and that’s why I hate chicken broth until this day!!! I don’t know exactly how long my surgery was but my mom said that it took longer than expected and she was very worried about me. I was in the hospital for some time. As a matter of fact the hospital offered to pay for my mom a hotel room but of course she wasn’t going to leave her baby!! When I was finally discharged I was back and fourth from Dothan to Birmingham for about a year after that still going through problems with my stomach. I remember my kindergarten teacher sending me schoolwork and gifts!! If possible I would like for someone to pull my records and get back in touch with me because I would like to see the Dr. who performed my surgery. I believe his name was Dr. Franklin. If not, I apologize. I was also told that I was in a medical history journal there but I don’t know if that is true or not. There was a lot more to this story but entirely too much to type. Hope to hear from someone soon!!!