Jefferson County
Age Diagnosed
2 Months
Not Feature Story
Joshua was born a healthy little boy. When he was 2 months old I noticed a lump on his arm. Our pediatrician sent us to a surgeon to possibly have it removed. At 3 months it was removed and 3 days later we learned that he had neuroblastoma. After several scans and tests it was found that Joshua had a primary neuroblastoma tumor in his abdomen on top of his adrenal gland. He was diagnosed with stage 4s neuroblastoma because it had spread from the original site and he was under age 1. Thankfully with this stage often times the cancer can be closely watched. Joshua has been closely watched with many scans, needle sticks and urine tests but has had no chemotherapy or radiation or additional surgery and the tumor continues to shrink. Joshua is now about to turn 2 years old and is doing great. We are thankful for Children's Hospital for the great care Joshua has been given. We are also very thankful for research, for without it he most certain would have endured chemotherapy or another surgery.