Marshall County
Age Diagnosed
2 weeks
Feature Story
When I was 2 weeks old, I began projectile vomiting. Over the next few days, I could not keep any food down at all. I began to lose weight and cried constantly. My parents took me to doctor after doctor and were told that I just had virus. Thankfully, my parents knew something else was going on. They finally took me to the local emergency room where the pediatrician on call diagnosed my condition as pyloric Stenosis. Pyloric Stenosis is most common in first-born boys, but even then is pretty rare. And here I was a girl but sure enough, I had it. I was transferred to Children's Hospital in Birmingham where the doctors performed the surgery to correct my condition; if they had waited 24 more hours to do my surgery I would have died. I was in the hospital for several weeks but came home healthy. If it weren't for Children's Hospital, I wouldn't be alive today!