Logan Montgomery
St. Clair County
Not Feature Story
Logan was born at thirty weeks gestation on October 7th, 1998, which is ten weeks early. He was born at St. Vincents in Birmingham. When he was delivered it was very difficult. The doctor had a strange look on his face. I was terrified. The neonatologist came in shortly after I had delivered Logan and told us some terrifying news. He told us that Logan did not have a soft spot and that all of his sutures were prematurly fused. Logan had been diagnosed with Craniosynostosis. We had never heard of this being new and young parents. The neo doctor told us he probably would not make it and with him being so premature that it didn't help. After many prayers Logan came through all of the normal premature obstacles and we were on our way. Logan was released from the NICU in December of 1998 and we then met with Dr. Oakes. When he was eight months old Logan had his skull reshaped and soft spots were formed. He was cut from ear to ear and his surgery only took 75 minutes. He was released from Children's (Birmingham) two days after surgery. He is now an eleven year old perfect boy. This obstacle did not get in his way of anything. He is now in the 5th grade and has received the highest grade point average out of his grade since 2nd grade. He plays baseball, basketball, and football. He is very active and has had no complications at all. He is a miracle child.