Shelby County
Feature Story
Nicholas Fiveash is one of the Fiveash triplets born three months premature. All three babies required world class medical care, unfortunately Nicholas needed it most. On April 25th, 2001 Nicholas, Jacob, and Hannah Fiveash were welcomed into the world. Nicholas weighing just one pound fifteen ounces suffered a brain bleed on his second day of life. On May 17th, Nicholas started having problems with his bowel and was transferred to Children's Hospital where he underwent surgery. Four days later the attending physician informed our family that Nicholas was on 100% of oxygen and that there was nothing more they could do to help him survive, so we went ahead and baptized him and about a half hour later the doctor came and told our family that Nicholas had made a turn around, and that it was truly a miracle, but our joy was short lived. Within a week Nicholas suffered from hydrocephalus. Soon there was more bad news, Nicholas suffered a cardiac arrest and doctors feared he might not survive the night. Then Nicholas had problems with his retina and surgery was proved unsuccessful. The doctors explained that Nicholas will never see out of his right eye. Slowly his condition improved, and then just when it seemed Nicholas was on his way to recovery he suffered a seizure. He was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. Nicholas then started steroid injections and our family kept holding our breath because we feared he may become profoundly mentally retarded, but once again Nicholas said this was not going to happen to me and it did not. Since then Nicholas has not missed a beat. In 2005 Nicholas was announced Children's Miracle Network Child across America. Today Nicholas is eight years old and is thriving in second grade. I truly believe that without the kind staff and caring doctors and nurses Nicholas would not be here today. I cannot thank Children's Hospital enough for the love and care they provided Nicholas on his long path to recovery. THANK YOU CHILDREN'S! View Video