Cashi Colley
Montgomery County
Not Feature Story
Cashi was 12 years old when his mother along with him and his two brothers were involved in a near fatal car accident. His brothers, Raymond and Johnathan were airlifted to Children’s Hospital of Alabama. Cashi was not airlifted because he was older. Hoowever, he was later transported to Children’s. Cashi had an operation on his spine to repair the damage. He was diagnosed with complete paralysis. He has been in PT for 3 1/2 years now. Today he can walk with a cane. He is slow but it is a miracle how far he has come. While his mother was injured the staff at Children’s took on these three boys as their own. They went way beyond their duties. Cashi's favorite nurse was Mrs. Brenda. Raymond and Johnathan loved Ms. Molly. I am sure there were others but these are the names I constantly heard from the boys. Cashi is 16 years old now and is more independent than he was when the accident happens. Every time they have an appointment in Birmingham we have to visit the PT staff and Mrs. Brenda. Thank you for taking care of these precious boys!