Johnathan Colley
Montgomery County
Not Feature Story
Johnathan’s Mom remembers: On May 18, 2006 my entire family was involved in a near fatal car accident. Johnathan was thrown from the vehicle. His little body was broken and his face had to be repaired because the laceration to the left side was so deep. Doctor's had to operate inside his head. When he was finally released from Children’s Hospital, which was around the end of June, he was on a feeding tube. Johnathan couldn't talk, walk or even hold himself up and he had no control of his bowel. It was an emotional time. When he began PT from home my faith was weak but I still prayed. I was released from Baptist Hospital in Montgomery the second week of July. I would just look at my child and sob. I would constantly think, would he ever get out of this hospital bed. When PT started it was a slow process. I constantly kept Molly's words in my mind, she was Johnathan's PT in Birmingham, tell the Dr's that he is tracking with his eyes, he is in there but it was believed he wasn't. When he got home it took about a month before he started to progress. His first word was Mom. That was heaven to my ears. From there my child slowly started doing things only a higher being made possible. Johnathan went from a vegetative like state to talking and walking on his own. He had to be potty trained again. Today even though there are some cognitive problems he can read, write and add.
The car accident happened when he was four. He is eight years old now and can do things independent. Thank you Father!