Tuscaloosa County
Age Diagnosed
1 month old
Not Feature Story
Coltyn's Mom remembers. While I was in my last month of pregnancy with my son the ultra sound tech noticed his bladder was enlarged. As you could imagine that I was scared because this was my first baby. Coltyn's pediatrician recommended we see Dr. Joseph at Children's, so off we went when he was 1 month old. While there they catherdrized my son, which was awful, and diagnosed him with a stage 5 Vesiocouteral Reflux (reflux between the kidney and the bladder). The doctor tells me my child will need to stay on antibiotics and possibly have surgery. All of this happened when my little boy was 18 months old and he had his ureters reimplanted into his bladder. While my son has had no serious complications from his diagnosis it has been a scary situation. While worried about my son and entering those doors for the first time at Children's I was feeling sorry for myself and my new baby, however, I saw other children who were so much worse off and I thank God that my Coltyn is a healthy 6 year old little boy with little to no complications from his diagnosis. My heart and prayers go out to all the parents and children/patients that visit Children's every day. I pray that everyone finds their cure and love keeps us all strong. I still make my yearly visits with Coltyn and there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for my little angel. God Bless all of you.