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Two years ago my husband and I found out we were going to have our third child. I had gone for a routine check-up at my doctor's office. After an unusually long ultrasound I was waiting in the exam room for my doctor to come in. When he came in he told me that the ultrasound had showed that my baby had too much fluid on her brain. I was shocked, and upset to say the least. I was sent to Birmingham to the Kirklin Clinic where the doctor there said the same thing. I had to continue seeing both my doctor’s. My regular doctor in Alexander City and the doctor at the Kirklin Clinic. On November 27, 2006 my Lana Bell came into this world by c-section. She had to be put the NICU unit at UAB until she was transported to Children's Hospital to the NICU unit there, on November 29, 2006. On December 1, 2006 she underwent surgery to place a VP Shunt in her head to keep the fluid drained. Dr.Blount performed her surgery and did a wonderful job. Lana was in the hospital for two weeks before she was able to come home for the first time. She has had to have several surgeries since then to clean the shunt out and has had it replaced once. I will always be grateful to Children's Hospital, Dr.Blount, and Mrs.Gigi Pate for the excellent care they give Lana, along with all the other Doctors and nurses who have taken care of her. Lana is two years old now, almost three and she does really well. That would not be possible without Dr.Blount and the rest of the staff at Children's Hospital. Thank all of you for your care and support. May God bless each and every one of you!