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Cal's Miraculous Story
By Mom (Kris)

Cal was 6 weeks early when he was born at Flowers Hospital in Dothan. The immediate outlook by the Pediatrician was grim. Cal's brain and brain stem were damaged during an early stage of pregnancy due to a stroke. Also, during the difficult labor there were additional hemorrhages throughout the brain. God's first angel we encountered was his pediatrician, Craig Adams. He had Cal flown to Children's Hospital, ASAP. Once we were all there, the second group of angels were in NICU. They told us they already had him breathing on his own. We stayed at the hospital for 3 weeks. Beginning in NICU then traveling through special care and finally in a private room. Cal had surgeries, breathing problems, kidney problems, seizures, heart problems and other issues that needed to be addressed. Each new doctor, nurse, technician and other well qualified staff were angels in our path that God used to get Cal as far as he is today. All of the people that worked with Cal was well trained and sincerely cared about him as well as his family. They always kept us well informed and even gave us shoulders to use for tears. The doctor's initially thought we would only be blessed for days, then months, then maybe 10 years old, but Cal will be 13 in August and there is no holding him back. He has surpassed any obstacle he was ever given and now leads a somewhat normal life. He is our angel. He has showed us miracle after miracle. Thanks to each of the hospital angels sent by God that prepared our paths for the many blessings we received each day. We always say a special pray for the doctors, nurses and staff at Children's so that they may continue their works for God. We still have to go to Children's a few times a year and the angels (staff) continue to walk the halls and guide us. Thanks to each of them we have a special angel in our lives that keeps us smiling and humble. Thank you Children's for what you do for us and all the other children that come to your care.