Not Feature Story
Connie's Experience 70 Years Ago
By Connie McClelland

In 1939 I had what I thought was the scariest experience of my life (at all of age 5). I had never been away from my parents and suddenly right after my baby sister was born I was taken to this BIG building and taken to this big room with lots of windows and put to bed in a baby bed (which I thought I was entirely too old for). My Mom and Dad had explained that I was going to sleep there and in the morning while I was asleep the doctor was going to make my throat stop hurting all the time. My Mom would stay with me until I was asleep and when I woke up she would still be there (and she was). However when I woke up I didn't feel so good but I was told I could go home as soon as I went "peeps" and ate some oatmeal (which I hated them and still hate). Going "peeps" while sitting on a cold pan in the bed was not going to happen. It was a really bad thing to "wet the bed" like my cousin. However, FINALLY I couldn't wait any longer and my Mom said it was okay. BUT eating that oatmeal was another thing. I ate several yucky bites and immediately vomited it back. The nurse (who I am sure in retrospect was really patient and sweet) kept encouraging me to eat so I could go home with my Mom to see my Dad and baby sister. I wasn’t too sure about the baby sister, but I really wanted to go home, so finally ate a few more bites. Then came the happiest moment of my young life - I left that BIG building to go home. I KNEW I would never leave home again.