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Gracie's Garden of GraceAuthor's
By Jennifer Poole

Gracie was admitted to the SCU on February 2, 2008, for RSV! She was to be there for approximately 5-7 days! She quickly made a turn for the worse, and was intubated in an emergency situation. She was then transferred to the PICU and we stayed there for a couple of months!! The PICU docs and nurses were all so attentive and caring towards Gracie and her needs, as well as ours! This was a very stressful time for our family, but they were supportive all the way! We know Gracie is our miracle baby, and GOD chose to spare her life, however, he worked through these wonderful docs and nurses, who cared for her all those days, weeks and months!! This is only the beginning of her story! To see her whole journey and get a true blessing, please visit her website at
Gracie has a wonderful group of pulmonary docs & staff, Dr. Hoover is her main pulmonologist, and we love him, and think he is an awesome doctor!!

Gracie was diagnosed with severe bronchial malacia, and is ventilator dependant, among other issues!
We thank GOD for Children's Hospital, and would recommend them to anyone!!