Stephanie  Sims
Colbert County
Feature Story
When our daughter Stephanie was just 12 days old she had a seizure. Her eyes were opening and closing and we rushed her to our local doctor in Tuscumbia. She was immediately air lifted to Children’s Hospital. As we drove down to Birmingham worried and frightened, our newborn baby girl’s entire life was about to change. Once there, she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus.

Dr. Oakes did her surgery and placed her shunt. She saw several other doctors as well. My husband and I would take turns staying with Stephanie and the doctors and nurses were so good to us. We are so thankful for the care we received back then and always. We’ve been coming to Children’s for 14 years. It’s like home. We truly don’t know what we would have done without Children’s.

Every time Stephanie sees the change boxes or the miracle balloons she wants to help out. She knows what a great place Children’s is and how important it is to help other kids. Stephanie is now 18 years old. She still has seizures sometimes, but she drives, works for her dad and will be a senior next year.

Until you have a child who needs to go to Children’s, you can’t fully understand. It’s a special place.