Etowah County
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The Blakely Journey
By Val (mom) to Gage and Brook

When our first child was diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome, we had a long list of areas of concern we needed checked out before he received a clean bill of health. One of the last areas we checked was his ears. At four months of age we found out he was profoundly deaf. Though very relieved he had no other serious health concerns, we were immediately referred to the Pediatric ENT and Associates where Doctor Woolley gave us the information we needed. We were also referred to his clinic of wonderful audiologists and auditory verbal therapists who all pulled together and helped us in our journey. He eventually needed cochlear implants and his little sister followed in his footsteps, receiving them as well. Both kids now hear and speak without delays and are at the top of their mainstream public school classrooms full of almost all hearing kids. Thanks to all the hard work from the HEAR Center and Dr. Woolley, my kids can hear crickets, they can hear music, and they can hear me! Thank you, Children’s Hospital.