Pike County
Feature Story
Michael Florence

Michael Florence was operated on when he was 16 months old. His bowel was coming back up out of his mouth. He was throwing up every thing he ate or drank. Michael was born April 3, 1986. His mother is Iola Florence.

A report from his family physician stated:

The medical evidence shows that Michael was hospitalized in May of 1986 because of a feeding intolerance. This intolerance had been resolved at discharge, in August 1986. He was admitted to Edge Memorial Hospital because of vomiting, diarrhea and anemia of an undetermined etiology. When x-rays showed a possible small bowel obstruction, he was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham for surgery. The surgery went well and there was no evidence of post surgical complications. He was treated for an acute episode of gastroenteritis in August 1987 and for pharyngitis in January 1995.

One of the persons who provided care for Michael during his stay at Children’s Hospital was Sheila Johnson, R.D., a clinical nutritionist.

Michael is now 23 years old.