Fuller  Goldsmith
Tuscaloosa County
Not Feature Story
Monday, April 30, 2007 started as any other day. I knew Fuller had not been feeling well or acting like himself, but I had valid reasons behind all of his behavior. However, Leukemia had crossed my mind several times in the last few weeks, and I of course had looked up the symptoms on the internet, so I knew what I knew but didn't want to know it.

He had been diagnosed with strep and I was supposed to wait one more day to do a recheck, but I knew I had to get him to the doctor that day.

When Fuller's pediatrician, Dr. Phil Phillips, came in with his suspected diagnosis, I was in shock, although not completely. It was if I had this horrible nightmare that really came true - no waking up out of this one. But at the same time Phil said those words to me I never wanted to hear ("WBC high..leukemia...go to Children's) a sense of peace and calm came over me like never before. I knew from that moment that Fuller would be healed of this disease.

Now I always knew that we saw the BEST pediatrician in town, but I am overwhelmed with the love and care Phil and his office have given my child throughout this ordeal. I am and forever will be grateful for their devotion to Fuller and our family. We are now in the hands of the best Hematology Ongology group that has every means to make Fuller as comfortable as possible during this horrible time. I am so thankful for the knowledge and the love that comes from Children's Hospital! If you believe me when I say that my mother's instinct told me Fuller was sick, believe me also when I say that I know God has a purpose for this fight we are fighting - to show me, to show you, and more people than we can imagine the power of prayer. Pray for Fuller and watch your faith grow as he answers those prayers! Thank you and much love!