Blount County
Not Feature Story
By Kathy Young

April 2, 1976 I delivered our first child at CMMC. As soon as he was born the doctors knew something was wrong. A medical team from Children's came to pick him up. They left with him before I got to see him . My husband and mother followed from the time they enter the doors at Children's they were kept informed of all that was happening. Our son was taken into surgery, which was performed by Dr. Walter Cain. After hours of surgery we were told his chance of survival was five percent. Five days later on April 7th I got to see my baby for the first time. We went home and prepared as best as one can to give up a child. The nurses called us often throughout the days and kelp us updated. We’d make the two hour trip as often as possible . Then on Easter Sunday I got to hold my baby. It was so hard to leave that day. I knew he was loved and was getting spoiled. A few days later the phone call came that we had been praying for, our baby was pretty and pink and was breathing on his own. He still had more surgeries to follow but he was a miracle. Only 28 days later we carried our baby home. In 1980 we had a second son and wanted to honor those who had help Jeremy, so we name our second son Cain after Dr Cain. Today Jeremy is a healthy 32 year old husband and father of two. The huge scar all the way down his stomach is the only sign of his rough start.

Children’s has always held a special place in our hearts. Along with Dr. Cain and a nurse named Judy Scaggs. We still remember acts of kindness towards a young poor couple who was just starting out. Everything medically right was done for our baby. And we were so cared for by all. From cleaning people to lab people to the gift shop folks who stop long enough to offer words of encouragement and say a prayer for us. With a heart full of thanks. Kathy Young