Jefferson County
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Geraldine Hunt

As U.S. troops sought victory in Europe and the Pacific, now-classic movies like National Velvet and Meet Me in St. Louis played in theatres and Big Band music was all the rage, eight-year-old Geraldine Hunt Cole faced her first night away from home. The little girl from Jefferson County needed to have her tonsils removed, so the family climbed into her grandparents’ car and made the trip to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. “I had a whole paper sack of toys,” Jerry remembers.

The surgery was successful and her recovery proceeded smoothly. Memories of the details of her hospitalization have faded with time, but Jerry still recollects counting backward as she was anesthetized, waking up in a multi-bed ward—and a definite unwillingness to use a bedpan! She also recalls the loving care she received as a child of Children’s.