Elmore County
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Small Blessings
By Bernice for Andrew & Carolyn

Eva Nicole Reeves was a confident child who won numerous academic and athletic awards. Nevertheless, as many children do, she stumbled in her late teens. She celebrated her 22nd birthday in August and we felt she had turned the corner and was beginning to find her footing again. A morning news program announced breaking news of an accident with injuries on Thursday September 14, 2006. No names were given but we thought of our daughter and called her home number. When she did not answer, we drove to her work location in Prattville praying we would find her car in the parking lot— it was not. Our search led us to the ER department at Jackson Hospital. There, we received the heartbreaking news that the injuries to our only child and unborn grandchild had been fatal. Cam Cam, our 14 month old grandson, was life-flighted from the scene to Children's Hospital. No information was available on his condition. Thankfully, 3 year old granddaughter Audrey received somewhat minor injuries--lacerations to her face and right eye along with scrapes and bruises. After requests for her mother, the terrified child most wanted grandma to hold her hand. Audrey's eye injury required immediate surgery and she was transferred to Baptist South. While waiting with her, we began to receive some news about our grandson. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was barely clinging to life. We made the wrenching decision to stay with the grandchild that was alert and frightened especially since our time with Cam Cam was restricted by the PICU visiting hours. Audrey recovered fully. She is a rambunctious and inquisitive 5 year old that keeps us on our toes and exhausted. We are so grateful and thankful for Cam Cam's progress. His smiles and laughter lift our spirits daily. He has come a long way but he still has a difficult journey ahead. There has been verbalization and movement for over a year. However, he is still not able to walk or speak so that he is understood.

Each child's treatment required coordination between multiple hospitals and medical offices. Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for the compassion, assistance and flexibility offered by the medical personnel encountered during that period, and you volunteered information about services and agencies which might be helpful. Bottom line, you cared for us as well as our grandchildren. THANK YOU!