Marshall County
Feature Story
Wow, where to begin… I was 22 weeks and I had a little girl-- Natalie. She was doing AWESOME for the first three days then her stomach starting swelling up. This went on for about two days when UAB then said it was time to transfer her to Children’s. Well within three hours of being there they told me she had NEC and needed surgery ASAP. My little Angel ended up going through six surgeries to get her where she is today. They tell you all the horror stories of what happens to premature babies. Thank God my baby only had the NEC issue. Dr. Georgeson and the Lord saved my baby that day. I don't have room here to tell her whole story. But it was a journey we will never forget! THANK YOU TO ALL HER DOCTORS AND NURSES we had throughout our stay at Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

Children's Hospital means everything to me and my family. Everyone was so nice and so supportive through every up and down we faced. Children's Hospital really opened my eyes on a lot of things. They will never be forgotten! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!