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My Stay as a Child
By Peggy Jean Self

I was a patient of Children's when I was around 4 years old.(1943-1945) I had sores all over my mouth, throat, and into my stomach. I could eat only liquids. I was there around 3 weeks it seems. When I was there I had 72 penicillin shots. It was a very scary time as a child because my parents were not allowed to stay with me. I remember being in a hospital ward with many other children and I slept in a tall crib with rails put up. I would cry everyday when my mom left and one nice nurse would always tell me not to cry, that my parents would be back tomorrow. I remember being allowed to play with the other kids in a play area in the ward. I remember the nurses wore white dresses with hats. Even though I was very young I still remember a lot of the details because it was a very scary time for me.

As a child, Children's was a very scary place for me. Being under the age of 6 and away from parents and family for so long is a big challenge. As an adult I know I received the best care possible at the time and am grateful.